SPME-FFA fibers

Chromline patent and worldwide exclusive

The most widespread fibers

SPME-FFA standard fiber

Standard SPME fibers, converted to SPME-FFA fibers are available on our worldwide exclusive price list. Made of steel and aluminum increase the strength of the fibers and are the best solution for complete automation of SPME processes.



Finally available the SPME Arrow fibers in the FFA version. Alternatively or along with standard SPME-FFA fibers, the Arrow fibers have a larger surface and allow a faster extraction. The size and geometry also guarantee greater robustness.

FFA (dettaglio barcode).25

One fiber - One code

Each SPME-FFA or SPME-FFA Arrow fiber is equipped with a unique bar code that allows a complete traceability. For outdoor sampling or where more fibers are used for, it is essential to trace which fiber has been used and on which sample. The colored lines present on the label also allow an immediate recognition of the type of fiber you are using.

SPME-FFA = automation

Magnetic mechanism

SPME-FFA fibers have been designed for use on XYZ robotic systems and therefore in completely automated procedures. The use of magnetic connections allows the transport of fibers as they were vials, allowing automatic replacement on systems equipped with the MFX (Multi Fiber Exchange) kit.

Standard and custom devices

Sampling devices

Many devices are available to use both in indoor and outdoor samples. Our devices allow easy management of all phases of sample preparation as well as ensuring the preservation of extracted analytes even during the transport of samples in the laboratory. We also make Devices on specifications provided by customers by making use of the latest design and production techniques (including 3D printing) to reduce production times and delivery times.

Robust, traceable, created for automated systems

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